Our Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship plants all over the UK?

Yes we do. Whether you live in Aberdeen, Belfast or just around the corner from the shop, we’re committed to sharing our jungle with you!

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not at the moment.

I haven’t received an order confirmation, what should I do?

Every order receives an auto-confirmation. Please double check your spam/junk folders as they can sometimes end up there. If you still cannot find a confirmation, contact us and we’ll send over another one.

What is the 10p tax that has been added on to my order at checkout?

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we are now charging a 10p tax on every order that is placed and on every paper bag we provide in store. All of the proceeds from this go to One Tree Planted and are used to plant trees around the world, helping to replant many of the native habitats that our houseplants come from! More details can be found on the One Tree Planted section of our site, which includes a counter to show how many trees our customers have planted so far.

How long will my plants take to arrive?

All national orders are shipped using the 48 tracked service from Royal Mail and so can be expected to arrive within 2 days of being shipped. However, this may vary on occasion. We endeavour to ship any orders received before midday on the same day (where possible). Orders are shipped Monday - Friday; any orders placed over the weekend we will aim to ship early the following week. Local orders will be delivered Monday - Saturday and you will be notified of a delivery slot. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking customers to be patient as there may be a slight delay to delivery times.

How do I track my Royal Mail parcel?

You will be sent a confirmation email when your order is shipped, containing a tracking number which will allow you to track where your parcel is.

How is my plant packaged?

We take the time to carefully hand pack every order to ensure that your plants are well protected. We are also passionate about working to reduce our impact on the environment. All of the packaging that your order will arrive in will either be recyclable (paper and card) or compostable (packing peanuts and bags). We are also working with growers to offer non-plastic nursery pot options where possible. The delivery cards that are contained with each order have also been carbon offset with a donation to the Woodland Trust.

Will my plant arrive in a nursery pot?

Yes - all of our plants will arrive in a plastic nursery pot unless specified otherwise. You should not look to repot your plant immediately, but should allow it time to settle in after transit.

What do I do with my plant after it's delivered?

You’ll want to remove the packaging as carefully as possible and as soon after the parcel arrives as you can. We water all of our plants before we ship/deliver them, however it is best to check whether it needs a water or not. Pop it in a nice bright spot to help it after its journey. Individual plant care can be found on the plant product page. We advise against repotting immediately - allow your plant to settle in a little before looking to repot.

My plant has been damaged in transit, what do I do?

In the unlikely event that there are any problems with the condition of your parcel when it arrives, please take photos before and after opening to assist us with any claims. Please contact us as soon as possible after receiving your parcel to allow us to assist you as swiftly as possible.

Why does my plant look different to the product photo?

We work hard to provide a clear photograph and description of your chosen plant. However, all plants are unique and, whilst the pot size remains the same, there is always variation in size and shape from one plant to the next.


Do you sell gift vouchers?

We do! You can find them in the gift section of the website. Once you order the voucher, you will be asked for an email so that it can either be sent over to you or directly to the recipient. The voucher will be in email format but can be printed and it can be used in store or online. You do not have to spend the voucher all in one go, it will update the balance after any purchases in store or online.

I would like to send plants as a gift can you do this for me?

We sure can! If you would like us to add a gift note, please contact us. We also sell a range of greetings cards and are happy to write your note in one of these.

Can I arrange for a gift to be delivered on a specific day?

With local deliveries, we will endeavour to deliver on or as close to the requested date as possible, please contact us before placing your order. National shipping is done using Royal Mail’s 48 hour tracked service, so we recommend placing an order at least 3-5 days before your requested arrival date to ensure that it arrives on time. However, with these orders we are unable to confirm a specific delivery date.

Plant Care

How often should I repot my plant and what is the best compost to use?

Your repotting schedule will depend completely on the species of plant that you have and how it is growing. However, there are a few basic principles that can be applied. If there are roots showing through the drainage holes in the bottom of your pot, it is probably time to consider repotting. We recommend only going up a pot size at a time and repotting on a yearly(ish) basis. Cacti and succulents like to be particularly pot bound and can be left in cramped conditions. However, if you do not repot particularly often, it becomes important to feed your plants in the summer months to replace any lost nutrients.

How often do I water my plant?

This depends on the species of plant that you have and also the time of year. Most cacti and succulents prefer to be left to dry out thoroughly, whilst more tropical plants enjoy drying to the touch before being watered. Specific care advice can be found on the specific plant page.

Can I have a plant in a room with no natural light or windows?

In short, no. All plants require some level of light. If you introduce 'full spectrum' or grow bulbs into the space, then yes you can have anything that you like. However, even the toughest low light plants will start to suffer after prolonged periods without any natural light.

I think my plant may have bugs, what should I do?

If you believe you may have developed a pest problem on your houseplant, immediately isolate it from other plants as they can transfer quite easily between plants and quickly become a real problem. The immediate treatment for most pests is to physically clean the leaves and stems down to remove any pests present. Washing up liquid heavily diluted in water will do the trick for this. We stock a great product called SB Invigirator which is a good treatment for most pests.

Help, my plant has brown tips to some of its leaves.

Don't worry - this is one of the most common problems for new plant parents. It's almost certainly nothing too problematic and the odd brown or yellowing leaf is an important part of a plants lifecycle. However, if you're getting brown tips on the end of multiple leaves, chances are it's a humidity issue. Particularly in the winter with central heating turned on, your air will be a lot drier than your plants are used to. To combat browning tips, try regular misting of your tropical houseplants. You can also sit them on a tray containing pebbles and a small reservoir of water which will help to generate further humidity.

Help, my plant has yellow leaves.

Another common houseplant problem and not the end of the world if it's only one or two leaves. The most common cause is lack of light or overwatering. If it is only lower leaves that are yellowing, it may be that these are unable to get as much natural light as leaves further up the plant. Have a look at where your plant is positioned and how often you are watering it. Watering regimes vary significantly from plant to plant, but a good proportion of houseplants do not like to be waterlogged or sit in water for too long; allowing the top of the soil to dry out before watering is a good rule of thumb.

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